Yogabliss is a place of learning and teaching. You will find a theme of community running throughout the studio, as we know "everything's connected". We are Yogi's of all ages, backgrounds and experiences, from all over the Seattle area. We respect the gifts and traditions of yoga, we respect our strengths and limitations, we respect each other and we practice respect for our earth.

Our Intention

  • Our intention is to create a warm welcoming environment for yoga and mindfulness practice. 
  • Provide high quality yoga, attentive, creative instruction from experienced teachers who embody yoga and infuse their practices with inspiration.
  • Inspire healing and growth of the human spirit by offering a wide variety of yoga and mindfulness practices.
  • Welcome practitioners of all shapes, sizes, and levels of experience, to honor their differences and celebrate the uniqueness of each.
  • Strengthen connections within the Yogabliss community, our local community and the greater global community through acts of generosity, compassion and responsibility.
  • Respect what we have been given and take responsibility for the power of our thoughts, speech and actions to creative change in our world. 

    Our Aspiration

    Our aspiration is that individually and collectively we will come/learn to see more clearly, to choose more wisely and to love more fully.

Our Yoga

In the spirit of our intention, we offer a wide variety of classes and workshops based in different yoga styles and levels of intensity. Each practice is a moving meditation. We draw inspiration from Pantajali's Eight Limbs of Ashtanga Yoga and include asana, breath and meditative moments. We believe in yoga as a lifestyle and a tradition, and we endeavor to honor the sanctity of the practice.  Whether you prefer a practice at room temperature or one with the intensity of higher temperatures, we offer both and everything in between. Our instructors offer pose modifications and encourage mindfulness to keep your practice safe. We know that the real yoga is what happens off the mat and we aspire to inspire our students to live to their highest potential without bringing harm to others or the world.

Our Students

At Yogabliss, we welcome practitioners of all ages, shapes, sizes and levels of experience. Some of our students desire a strong, athletic practice, while others a more calm, meditative experience. We honor these differences and celebrate the diversity and uniqueness of everyone. Our goal is to support the individual path of self-inquiry and personal development. Whether you come for the physical practice, spiritual awakening, emotional growth or intellectual refinement, we are here to encourage and inspire you. We know that you are so much more than your perfection of a yoga pose.