We Offer

  • Locker rooms with showers, and personal products
  • Filtered water bottle filling station
  • Towel & Mat Rental
  • Free 2.5hr Covered Parking
  • 2 Beautiful Studios with Infrared Heating Systems & Fresh Air Exchange
  • Massage, Acupuncture, Reiki & more
  • Retail Boutique with unique & special items
  • Cold drinks & tasty snacks
  • doTERRA essential oils
  • Manduka Mat Rental
  • Manduka, Jade, Kulae & YogiToes products

Love Mother Earth

Practicing yoga and being a conscious steward of the environment go hand-in-hand.  At Yogabliss, we are committed to integrating sustainable products into our studio, to practice recycling, re-purposing and energy efficiency, as a way to claim our responsibility in the health of our planet.  We ask that you join us and consider taking steps to "green up" your life, with us.  (see below)

Some of the choices we make to practice "Ahimsa" (non-harming) & show our love of Mother Earth:

  • Bamboo flooring & Reception desk
  • Recycled counter top material
  • Studio floors 40% recycled material, & anti-microbial and anti-bacterial
  • Automated faucets
  • Filtered water bottle filling station
  • Infra-red studio heating
  • VOC free Paint
  • CFL bulbs
  • Re-purposed furniture
  • Non-toxic cleaning products
  • Natural mat disinfectant/cleaner in each yoga room (made in-house)
  • Fresh outside cold air return (exhaust)
  • Zero paper waste for flyers & receipts
  • Environmentally friendly mats for sale and for rent 

Want to get "greener"?

  • Use a yoga mat free of PVC, and other potentially harmful plastics.
  • Try to drink from stainless steel, no plastic water bottles

  • DON'T buy bottled water

  • Compost your food waste into your yard waste bin (on MI)

  • Reuse bags and bring your own

  • Ride your bike to yoga class or carpool

  • Donate or re-use your old mat

  • Buy and support local business

  • Join a local CSA

  • Shop at thrift stores (it's fun!)

  • Share your garden: don't know what to do with those extra tomatoes? Donate to a food bank, trade with your neighbor, bring to Yogabliss and give to friends

As a community, we can make a difference, because Everything's Connected.