In 2003, Yogabliss was founded in the spirit of community. To this day, we continue to be grounded in that same sense of connection. The inspiration for Yogabliss began with the inquiries of numerous friends who wanted to try yoga but wanted it to be closer to home. The question  “Why don’t you teach yoga right here where you live?” kept popping up.

Always ready to share and inspire, Maria decided to rent a room in the historic Little Red Schoolhouse on Mercer Island.  A new flyer, a business license and a few emails later, the first Intro to Power Vinyasa yoga series was fully enrolled and underway.  The community response was amazing and more students wanted to join our practice!  Yogabliss was a born, and a thriving yoga community began.  

It was the fall of 2003, and every morning we would walk past horse stables and through the preschool playground, to enter our beloved practice space. While we practiced, we were surrounded by the sounds of birds chirping, children laughing and interesting farm-like smells ☺.  We were learning to connect more deeply with ourselves, and our neighbors in a brand new way.  A warm generous energy was growing and nourishing the business, students were helping spread the word and a dream that Maria did not even realize she had, was coming true. In a very short time, Maria added a few special instructor friends to the roster, and expanded the Yogabliss schedule to include Gentle yoga, Teen yoga and all-levels Power Vinyasa yoga classes.   

In 2006, our community moved to our very own space, in the heart of downtown Mercer Island. This evolution could never have happened without the encouragement and involvement of beloved students, family and amazing friends. The palpable results of sharing yoga with the community, and the reality that the choices we make really can make a difference, brought inspiration into our practice, our teachings, our studio and our community.

The next five years flew by, providing abundance…more teachers, more students and the need for more space (especially toilets!).   We dearly loved our beautiful little boutique studio, however there was a pulse of energy towards growing the Yogabliss community so we might share yoga in a bigger way.  Our Sangha  (healthy, like minded community) was alive and thriving!

In November 2012, Yogabliss relocated just 2 blocks away, to a fresh newly constructed space that provided two studios for yoga classes, locker rooms, a massage room, space to relax, and more toilets! The economic times were rough, but once again, with the spirit of community and the support of students and teachers, our beautiful new studio was infused with a warmth and sense of welcome, that is truly unique.

Many students from our first days at the "Little Red Schoolhouse" are still practicing with us today (we fondly refer to them as our Pilgrims). When teachers join our team, they feel the connection and settle in for the duration. Yogabliss is a special place, where we come together to slow down and reconnect to the deeper peace within. We come to our mats daily, knowing that each day is different and each practice will be different.  We come to our mats knowing that our community is strong and kind, that there is always space for another. We share in the blessings of this amazing & life-changing practice and it links us all… we feel it and we want to share it …. Everything’s Connected.