Yogabliss offers 55+ group classes per week and the opportunity to schedule private sessions, private group classes, parties and numerous unique workshops and series each month. 


Classes include:


power vinyasa | power hour

This energizing practice offers you a challenging mix of sweat and spirit… flowing with possibilities for both strength and surrender. We offer this class in 65, 75 & 90 minute formats. Each class is a uniquely designed vigorous practice. Be prepared to discover your best self and sweat! Class is heated to 85-90 degrees.


vinyasa yoga | vinyasa with nidra | slow flow

Vinyasa means "connecting movement with breath." This invigorating practice connects you to the wisdom, strength and grace of your body through intelligent, creative sequencing. Sun Salutations warm the body and mindful breath focuses the mind. Explore this practice to bring intention and balance into your day. Class is warmed to 75-78 degrees.

Our Vinyasa with Nidra class ends with the ancient practice of Yoga Nidra, or guided relaxation. This dynamic Vinyasa practice combined with Nidra provides a relaxing close to a beautifully balanced practice. Class is heated to 75-78 degrees.

Slow Flow Vinyasa - (formerly Yoga for Athletes) is a mindfully paced yoga class that incorporates conscious, calm breath- work with flowing movement. This non- heated class is appropriate for ALL: those newer to yoga looking for more time and direction, the seasoned practitioner that wants to work a bit slower & deeper and athletes seeking more balance and focus in their workout regime.

Gentle Vinyasa

The “just right” combination of our Vinyasa and Gentle yoga classes. We integrate flowing movement with healing pauses, instruction with introspection, effort with ease. Instructors will tailor the practice to suit the ability and energy level of the class. This mindful, restorative practice includes some invigorating postures and moments of dynamic intensity. 75-80 degrees.


Gentle Yoga

In this gentle yoga practice, movements are synchronized with the breath, the body open and the mind relaxes. With the breath as our guide we "go with the flow", and each class is a new experience.  The experience is meditative, and periodic pauses are taken to rest in more passive poses. Class is warmed to 73 degrees.


Hot Fusion

This full-body workout promotes a cleansing sweat using standing poses, back strengthening, core work, and deep stretching. Holding poses a little longer, we release physical and mental stress, we become stronger and more centered and we detox the body and mind. This class offers enough alignment instruction for beginners and appropriate challenges for more experienced practitioners. Class is heated to 100-105 degrees.

Hatha Vinyasa

With its origins in the balancing of the Sun (HA) moon (Tha), this class begins with centering. We focus on presence, intention and use Pranayama (breathing exercises) to bring attention into the body so that we can feel more deeply. The breath guides our awareness of how each pose affects our bodies and our minds. This practice is strong and powerful, yet struggle and pain are not a part of the work we do. This practice offers precise step-by-step instruction, adequate time in a pose, and deep relaxation techniques to help you maximize the benefits of your practice.

Advanced Asana

This energy-charged, challenging practice creates great energy through interesting sequencing that often brings you upside down or into arm balances. Leave your fears and your worries at the door! Experience with vinyasa yoga required. Not for the beginning student. Class is heated to 75-80 degrees.

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga uses long, passive holds to release tension in the deep, dense connective tissues of the body. This deep, quiet practice settles you into poses for 3-10 minutes, bringing you inward. Yin yoga increases flexibility, especially in the spine and hips and restores and rehabilitates joints and muscles. It also emphasizes stillness and silence, as it prepares both the body and the mind for deeper experiences in meditation. Class is heated to 75-78 degrees.

Yoga For Healing

Yoga for Healing will guide you on a journey of self-healing through the process of movement, breathing, relaxation and deep self-inquiry. You’ll learn yoga techniques for healthy movement, pain reduction, stress relief, immune support, and more.  Each student is given personal attention with consideration and adaptations of the exercises according to individual needs. You will come away from the class feeling stronger, more energetic, hopeful, focused and relaxed. Class is warmed to 73 degrees.

Junior Yoga

This class introduces juniors (ages 11-14) to the fundamentals of vinyasa yoga in a fun, nurturing, and supportive environment. We build strength, balance and flexibility, the perfect components for cross-training in the active lifestyle of our busy juniors. We explore the importance of conscious breath work and use it to calm and center the mind. There will be time for questions, discussion and student involvement.