• Day of Mindfulness: Meditation & Yoga with Maria Bliss

    Mindfulness practice invites greater meaning, clarity, and peace into our daily lives. Maria will lead us in a series of Mindfulness practices that allow us to explore the busyness of our minds and how it affects each moment.

    Day of Mindfulness will be held offsite at Mercer Island Beach Club, from 8:00am-12:00pm on Saturday 11/8. We will provide necessary props - and a delicious snack!  (No previous experience necessary-)

    Day of Mindfulness: Meditation & Yoga with Maria Bliss


At Yogabliss we honor the power of yoga to strengthen our bodies and bring calmness and peace to our busy minds. We come together with the intention of returning to our true selves, bringing peace into the world in which we live.

We seek to create a yoga experience that inspires our hearts and awakens a thirst for wisdom in its many forms. We share the practice of yoga in a positive, nurturing way, with space for creativity and playfulness.